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Inadequate down spouts allow the gutter to run over instead of drain quickly.

A. There are two sizes.
a. 2x3 (Can handle up to 30 feet of gutter).
b. 3x4 (Can handle up to 60 feet of gutter).

B. Down spouts should not dump onto other roofs because it erodes the shingles.

Connect upper gutters to lower gutters with the down spout.

Findings: Use enough down spouts for your system.

Expectations for a properly installed gutter system.

Life span of about 20 years.
  Cars need oil changes, brakes and tires.
  Gutters need normal repairs too.

If you live in a cold climate, freezing and thawing are hard on everything. Gutters get pushed around by snow and ice. Ice bends hangers, bows gutters, causes leaks at corners and splits down spouts. Hot climates have expansion and contraction problems. Regular cleaning, repairs and resealing are normal.

You want to find a contractor that:
• Takes pride in his work.
• He and his equipment look professional.
• Uses the best products. (especially brackets)
• Uses standard methods.
• Can provide referrals.
• Charges a reasonable price.

If an installer cannot earn a reasonable wage for quality work, he will find another business. Then the trade will be taken over by transient people that do sloppy work, and are long gone if you have a problem.

Most have additional fees for:

Mitered corners

Removal and disposal of old gutters

Apron if needed

Leaf guards

In A Nutshell:

The installer is working for you. You decide on the products and standard methods to be used. Even if he doesn't normally do it that way. Have it done right the first time.

1. Sampson hanger brackets every two feet.

2. Back of gutter tucked under flashing.

3. String leveled ¼ inch drop for ten feet of gutter.

4. Enough down spouts.

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Approved Contractors List.
Contractors are being evaluated to be on the list.
Random inspections of past installations will assure quality.

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