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If the hanger bracket fails,
the whole system fails.

Just like arches that hold up a bridge, the hanger bracket supports the load of the entire gutter system.

Gutters fill up during heavy rains and down spouts get plugged.

Gutters need a hanger bracket every two feet. Hanger brackets need at least a two inch screw for attachment.
The hanger bracket should support: Two feet of 5" gutter full of water
and it weighs 14lbs.
Now add a few pounds of leaves, some standard muck and gravel from the shingles. This two foot section can weigh 20 lbs or more.

Then add a few inches of ice on top if you live in northern states. This can bring the total weight of a two foot gutter to 40 lbs.

Here are five examples of hanger brackets that should carry 15 lbs and not sag more than half an inch.

Notice the Sampson Hanger is head and shoulders stronger than the others.

1. Roof strap and hidden hanger together. Notice the triangle formed by the two brackets.
40 lbs sagging 3/4 inch.

2. Sampson Hanger.
It has two triangles built into the hanger.
80 lbs sagging only ¼ inch.
3. Roof strap by itself,
15 lbs sagging 1 ¾ inch.
4. Hidden hanger by itself,
15 lbs sagging 2 inches.

5. Heavy duty steel hidden hanger,
15 lbs sagging 1 ¼ inch.

Findings: The Sampson Hanger is by far the best support bracket for gutters.

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